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Dominion Goes After Giuliani in Massive New $1.3B…

Dominion Voting Systems isn't playing around. The election technology firm sued lawyer and Trump ally Sidney Powell in early January, followed by a threat to sue MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell , over false claims that its voting machines were rigged to shift votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Now the...

Juvenile arrested in killings of 5, including…

Indianapolis police say they have arrested a juvenile male in the killings of five people, including a pregnant woman, who were shot to death inside a home

Orphaned wombat sucks his thumb to tell human mom…

Orphaned wombat sucks his thumb to tell human mom he's hungry

The Scientific Reason Why Laughter Is Actually…

The Scientific Reason Why Laughter Is Actually the Best Medicine. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “laughter is the best medicine,” but did you know it’s actually true? . Here are five science-backed ways laughing has a positive effect on your well-being. . 1. Laughing with other people releases endorphins in your brain called opioid receptors, which create a feeling of euphoria. Clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Matt Bellace says the “natural high” you get from laughing is far “superior” to a drug-induced one. 2. Both men and women view a sense of humor as one of the most attractive traits in a potential mate. Couples that laugh together have also been found to have a higher-quality relationship. 3. Laughter can improve your heart’s vascular function and circulation, which in turn lowers your risk of a heart attack. . In addition, the endorphins released by laughing can lower your blood pressure, which reduces anxiety and takes tension off of your heart. 4. Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes has been found to burn between 10 and 40 calories. Laughter also reduces cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone that causes fat to be stored around your belly. . 5. Laughter can cause the brain's cerebral cortex to release electrical impulses, which block the passage of negative thoughts. According to Shilagh Mirgain, a psychologist from the University of Wisconsin, laughing can help promote a “positive, optimistic outlook.”

In Moderna's Good News, One 'Ominous' Finding

Moderna reported mostly good news on Monday about two new variants of the coronavirus, though the Washington Post sees an "ominous" red flag in the mix. In the undisputed good news, the company says preliminary studies suggest its COVID vaccine provides protection against fast-spreading variants of the virus first identified...

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Study Finds Common Back Pain Treatment Doesn't…

A commonly prescribed treatment for people suffering from chronic back pain may not be providing any relief. A new review suggests that antidepressants when prescribed for chronic pain, provide little to no back pain relief. The review did find that the medications could however offer a modest benefit for osteoarthritis and sciatica. Their review looked at data from 33 clinical trials studying the use of antidepressants for chronic pain. Antidepressants are frequently prescribed by doctors to help chronic pain sufferers with their mental distress.

Christmas trees used to restore dunes

Sand dunes that were damaged in storms along the shore in Surfside Beach, Texas, are being rebuilt using Christmas trees.

The Canyonlands

Trailer for 'The Canyonlands' starring Stephanie Barkley, Marqus Bobesich, Wayne Charles Baker, Sheldon D. Brown, Larry Yazzie

Chocolate Maker Is Closing All Stores in US

The pandemic has just slammed another business: Chocolate maker Godiva will close all 128 of its stores in North America by the end of March, reports CNN Business . All but 11 are in the US, though the company did not disclose how many jobs would be lost. As USA Today...

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Huckabee Sanders Enters Race, Hits 'Radical Left'

Sarah Huckabee Sanders re-entered the political spotlight on Monday by announcing that she's running for governor in Arkansas, reports the Democrat Gazette . The 38-year-old previously served as President Trump's press secretary, and she now hopes to become the first woman to hold the seat her father, Mike, once had. Sanders...

Biden replaces White House doctor with longtime…

President Joe Biden has brought back Dr. Kevin O’Connor as his physician, replacing President Donald Trump’s doctor with the one who oversaw his care when he was vice president

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Unusual rescue dog with missing left legs is…

Unusual rescue dog with missing left legs is defying odds

When Will It Be Safe to See Vaccinated Loved Ones?

When Will It Be Safe to See Vaccinated Loved Ones?. Despite the fact that the vaccine is a step toward normalcy, it will not eradicate the coronavirus just yet. Here are a few reasons to hold off on reuniting with friends and family and when you may be in the clear to see them. While the vaccinated person won’t get sick, it may still be possible for them to spread the virus and infect others. The vaccine trials only looked at symptomatic cases, so its efficacy against asymptomatic cases remains unknown. Vaccinated individuals should continue to wear masks. If you do decide to see a vaccinated loved one, be sure to wait a couple weeks after they receive their second dose

Fauci Opens Up About Working With Trump

Dr. Anthony Fauci has previously said it feels "liberating" to work in the new White House, and in an interview with the New York Times , Fauci elaborates on what 2020 was like for him. Among other things, he reveals that he once opened a letter in his office, only to...

Biden Extends Pause On Student Loans

President Biden issued an executive order extending a pause on federal student loan payments. The order will cover the vast majority of all federal student loans. Under President Biden's direction, the pause will allow borrowers to defer payments without penalty and reset interest rates to zero. According to HuffPost, the pause will be in effect through at least the end of September 2021. A pause on payments initially went into effect in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was extended in December and was scheduled to expire on Jan.31

Heavy snow on the way for California

In addition to the snow, some welcome rainfall is on the way for much of the state.


Trailer for 'Meltdown'

Arizona GOP Censures 3 of Its Own Big Names

Former President Trump is out of the White House, but that hasn't stopped the Arizona Republican Party from doubling down on its support for him—and censuring those it considers disloyal. At the end of a seven-hour meeting Saturday, party members voted by a wide margin to censure Gov, Doug...

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Another World Leader Has COVID

Yet another world leader has tested positive for COVID-19. Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Sunday that he is being treated for a "mild" case of the virus, CNN reports. "I regret to inform you that I have contracted COVID-19. The symptoms are mild, but I am already receiving...

Ex-VA doctor who misdiagnosed patient sentenced to prison

A former pathologist at an Arkansas veterans hospital has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison after pleading guilty last year to involuntary manslaughter in the death of a patient he’d misdiagnosed

Woman drives 400 miles to save cat with the…

Woman drives 400 miles to save the world's saddest cat