Pfizer posts Q4 loss, misses Street views, on…

Pfizer is reporting a $306 million loss for the fourth quarter after it shifted its consumer health business into a joint venture last year

How To Release Anger

Not dealing with anger head-on can lead to mental and physical damage. Here are some ways you can release your anger. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Stringr Clip5-Stringr Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

Seattle Introduces Smartphone Voting System

Seattle Introduces Smartphone Voting System Over 1.2 million residents in Seattle's King County will be able to vote via their smartphones. This type of voting process is a first for elections in the U.S. It is already being used in a current election concerning a board of supervisors. The election started on January 22 and will last until February 11. To vote, residents must provide their names and birthdays in a web portal. They must also provide signatures, which can be verified since voting in Washington is done through mail. Paper copies of electronic votes will also be counted for the election. King County director of elections Julie Wise says the mobile system makes it easier for people to vote. Julie Wise, via statement

Britain's EU Journey: When Brexit chaos ensued

Britain officially leaves the European Union on Friday after a debilitating political period that has bitterly divided the nation since the 2016 Brexit referendum

Home Care Help People Save Money And Heal Faster

People prefer home care for many reasons, but the top reasons are being able to save money and getting treated in the comfort of their own home. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Shutterstock Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

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Tinder Adds New Safety Features

Tinder Adds New Safety Features The dating app is adding a panic button that will alert authorities if a user feels unsafe on a date. The new section of the app, called Safety Center, will be available to U.S. users next Tuesday. Another update will include the option for users to inform friends of their location. Tinder’s parent company, Match, will roll out the safety features to its other companies, OkCupid, Hinge and later this year. Users will have to download the safety platform, Noonlight, in order to enable the features.

French climate alliance takes legal action…

A French climate alliance of charity groups and local authorities launched an unprecedented legal action Tuesday against Total, hoping to make the French energy company drastically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions

Beauty Sleep Is Real

Instagram Is Ditching the IGTV Button

Instagram Is Ditching the IGTV Button The platform has over a billion monthly active users, but people are staying away from the IGTV icon in the top right corner. An Instagram spokesperson says that is why the feature is being taken away. Instagram spokesperson, via TechCrunch The change means that you will have to spend a little more time finding the service's long-form content. Instagram debuted IGTV back in 2018 as an alternative to YouTube. According to The Verge, it has struggled, with only a small amount of downloads of the standalone app.

UK to allow Huawei in 5G networks but not in…

Britain has decided to allow Huawei to build aspects of its new high-speed mobile network - but will exclude it from “core” parts of the new network

How Does The Coronavirus Spread?

The new coronavirus has killed 81 people in China and infected almost 3,000 infected worldwide, with cases confirmed in several countries. Clip1-Getty Images Clip2-Shutterstock Clip3-Shutterstock Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Shutterstock Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Stringr Clip8-Shutterstock

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Build a Music Playlist for Your Pet With Spotify

Build a Music Playlist for Your Pet With Spotify Based on what type of pet you own, 'Spotify for Pets' will make a list of tunes. @SpotifyNews, via Twitter As of now, the feature is available for cats, dogs and birds. You can also use it if you own a hamster or iguana. Spotify says it conducted an online survey with pet owners across the globe. The streamer found that most believe music helps pets with stress and makes them happier. It also recorded that over 70 percent of owners play tunes just for their pet. Nearly 20 percent even named their pet after a musician or band.

Asian demand for face masks soars on fears of…

Panic and pollution are driving a surging market for protective face masks in Asia, where fear of the virus from China is straining supplies and helping make mask-wearing the new normal

Sea Level Rise Could Reshape The United States

A new study uses machine learning to project migration patterns in the United States, resulting from sea-level rise. Clip1-Shutterstock Clip2-Stringr Clip3-Stringr Clip4-Shutterstock Clip5-Shutterstock Clip6-Shutterstock Clip7-Shutterstock Clip8-Shutterstock

Airbus nears settlements with US, UK, French…

Airbus says it has reached potential settlement agreements with financial investigators in the U.S., Britain and France

No, Pasta Isn’t Bad For You

Global stocks mixed as China virus worries deepen

Asian shares have fallen while European shares are higher as worries over an expanding outbreak of a new virus in China deepen

Helicopter Crash in Calabasas

Helicopter Crash in Calabasas Helicopter Crash in Calabasas

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What to know for year two of the Trump tax plan

The IRS has begun accepting and processing tax returns for individuals

Staples Center

Staples Center, Kobe Bryant Video of Staples Center