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Apple is working on a fix for the iPhone 12 wireless charging bug

BGR — Jacob Siegal
  • Some iPhone 12 owners are running into issues when they try to use wireless chargers.
  • Last month, a 9to5Mac writer described an issue in which his iPhone 12 suddenly stopped charging on three separate Choetech chargers after previously working with all of them.
  • Apple appears to be aware of the issue as a support agent said the company is working on a fix.

Apple is often lauded for the quality of its hardware, but its software isn’t always quite so pristine. Of course, bugs are unavoidable, especially in the early days of a new release, and iOS 14 has definitely had its fair share of issues in the weeks following its launch in September. One of those issues was described on 9to5Mac last month by Ben Lovejoy, who ran into trouble when he tried to charge his iPhone 12 on multiple Qi-Certified wireless chargers.

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“When the phone arrived, it charged happily on all three of my Choetech chargers,” he said. “On Saturday, I realized it hadn’t charged overnight, and now wasn’t interested in charging on that stand. It still charged on the other two. Later in the day, it stopped charging on a second one. Then when I tried the third, it had stopped charging on that too!”

Lovejoy tried wirelessly charging the iPhone 12 with and without a case, but it made no difference.

In a follow-up this week, Lovejoy noted that he had since discovered that he wasn’t the only iPhone 12 owner running into problems, finding other users with a variety of wireless charging pads and stands that struggled to work with the new phone. Restarting the phone apparently solves the problem temporarily, but before long, the iPhone 12 stops charging again. The problem even persisted across beta updates for Lovejoy’s iPhone 12.

The good news is that Apple appears to be aware of the bug and is working on a fix, at least according to one Apple Support agent. 9to5Mac shared this conversation between a user and Apple Support:

Apple hasn’t released a statement or even officially confirmed that the issue exists, but it sounds like the company is working to solve the problem. Between this and the battery drain bug that many iPhone 12 owners are experiencing, Apple has its work cut out for it when it comes to the next few iOS 14 updates.

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