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Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is Comedy Gold For Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers

Deadline — Bruce Haring

It’s red meat time for the late night political comedy shows, as the impeachment hearings are finally underway in Washington.

Seth Myers focused on committee chair Adam Schiff, who started the hearing by mentioning one crucial point: that the raw facts are not in dispute.

So far, the Republicans haven’t contested that assertion, Meyers claimed, and poked fun at presidential adviser Rudy Giuliani, who kept flashing phones and other information during his Ukraine interviews: “You know you’re a bad criminal when you keep the evidence against you on multiple devices. Like a bank robber with a FitBit who says, “Look at this. I took 1,000 steps from the bank to my car.”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah had a long take on what went on in the hearings, noting that “Trump reminds me of every immigrant father on the phone,” alluding to testimony that Trump was so loud on the phone, his comments were overheard.

Rep. Jim Jordan said “it was all a game of telephone,” and noted, “I’ve seen church prayer chains that were easier to understand than this.” Jordan later said, “There is one witness they won’t bring in front of us – that’s the guy who started it all.”

Rep. Peter Welch had a zinger in response: “President Trump is welcome to come in anytime.”

In what was billed as “a special edition of Don and the Giant Impeach,” The Late Show host Stephen Colbert was as gleeful as a child on Christmas morning. “It’s finally here, it’s finally arrived. The first day of live impeachment hearings. It’s what we’ve been praying for since the beginning of the Trump presidency: the end of the Trump presidency.”

While Colbert warning, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Washington being what it is, who knows what’s going to happen,” he noted that it was the “biggest ratings boost for C-Span III since “Drunk History,” starring Brett Kavanaugh.”

Colbert focused on the testimony of  William Taylor, the acting ambassador to Ukraine, who testified about a previously undisclosed call between President Trump and the US ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland. The conversation was overhead by a Taylor staff member and relayed, purporting that Trump asked about Ukraine a day after his infamous “quid pro quo” phone call.
“It’s like they had a picture of Nixon breaking into Watergate,” Colbert crowed.

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