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A Single Member of Congress Could Delay Stimulus Vote

Newser — Bob Cronin

"We need to get this bill passed tomorrow," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday of the $2 trillion economic stimulus package that already has cleared the Senate.

To do that, she said, “We have to get people off their selfishness." Some Republicans, and one unnamed Democrat, have threatened to demand a roll call vote on the bill, Politico reports. A roll call instead of a voice vote would require more House members returning to the Capitol to be counted in person. Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP leader, backs the bill and also has said he supports a voice vote. Members would still be able to speak on the bill in the House chamber before voting. "I feel certain that we will have a strong bipartisan vote," Pelosi said during her news conference, per MarketWatch.

In a conference call Thursday, Pelosi told Democratic members it would be selfish to demand a roll call vote, forcing colleagues to put their health—and others'—in danger by traveling during the pandemic. Republican leaders are especially worried about one of their members, Tom Massie, gumming up the works. Massie has driven back to Washington from Kentucky and hinted about blocking a voice vote. Once this bill has passed, Pelosi said, per NBC News, "We have to do more." Democrats have said that could include more direct payments and greater food stamp benefits, coronavirus testing coverage, family and medical leave, and workplace protections.

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