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Why One Group Did the Conga for 14 Miles

Newser — Evann Gastaldo

Conga lines are fun and all, but can you imagine traveling in one for 14 miles over the course of five and a half hours, all while the song "Do the Conga" plays on a loop—a total of 110 times? That's what a group of financial advisers from British company Nationwide did last week, UPI reports.

Why? Not only were they attempting to break the Guinness World Record, they were raising money for Julia's House, a children's hospice. The group says it broke the previous record of 11 miles, but is awaiting confirmation from Guinness.

The 10 participants, who were joined by timekeepers, witnesses, and a cameraman, accomplished the feat by congaing 57 times around a local running track while connected by a length of string, the Daily Echo reports.

Julia's House has video here.

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