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Fitness In The Time Of COVID-19_Broadcast

The spread of coronavirus has forced the closure of the majority of gyms and fitness centers across the country, leading to new virtual workouts and communities. We talk to gym owners Stacey and Joe Garcia about the new normal for the fitness world. Script: FROM BRICK AND MORTER ... TO UNLOCK AND STREAM. SINCE THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC HIT, FITNESS INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS FORCED TO CLOSE THEIR DOORS TO BIG GROUPS. AND IN MANY CASES... ALL TOGETHER. NOW, THEY'RE ADAPTING TO A NEW WAY. (((SOT Stacey Garcia Gym owner))) We're so used to having a large community of people face to face and having to have the same impact on these people through technology has been the most challenging, I think an aspect of all is to keep the community going. JOE AND STACEY GARCIA, ALONG WITH THEIR PARTNER JONATHAN ALUZAS CO-OWN A GYM IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. THEY'VE HAD TO TAKE THEIR WORKOUTS ONLINE AND ARE NOW REACHING PEOPLE AROUND THE COUNTRY. (((SOT Stacey Garcia Gym owner))) We are doing a live workout. // We're doing core workouts, bodyweight workouts, some with equipment that you can use around the house. We're incorporating Children and ADAPTING TO THE NEW NORM, REQUIRES CAREFULLY TRACKING THEIR SCHEDULES SO THEY CAN BE THERE FOR THE CLIENTS. SO WHAT IS THEIR BEST ADVICE FOR STAYING HEALTHY AND ACTIVE IN TIMES OF QUARANTINE? (((SOT Stacey Garcia Gym owner))) I think the most important thing to focus on is making sure that when you go to the market, you are getting all the colors of the rainbow, making sure that you're eating all the fruits and veggies. (((SOT Joe Garcia Gym owner))) Five minutes of movement, 10 minutes of movement is way better than avoiding the work out completely. WHILE THE GARCIAS SAY IT'S TOO SOON TO TELL WHAT KIND OF FINANCIAL IMPACT THE SHUTDOWN WILL HAVE ON THEIR SMALL BUSINESS, IT'S DEFINITELY ON THEIR MINDS. (((SOT Joe Garcia Gym owner))) We are fearful every day. ONE THING THEY ARE CERTAIN OF; THE FITNESS INDUSTRY MAY NEVER BE THE SAME. (((SOT Joe Garcia Gym owner))) I think we're starting to realize the importance that we have and the power that we have to bring people together around changing their lifestyles and changing their habits for the better.