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COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Debunked by Dr. Anthony Fauci

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COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories, Debunked, by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, recently sat down with YouTube’s Try Guys to discuss COVID-19. During their interview, Dr. Fauci debunked these five myths and conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine. 1. The vaccine was rushed, which means it’s unsafe. 
. There was no cutting corners, safety was not compromised, scientific integrity was not compromised ... people need to understand that the speed was related completely to the breathtaking scientific advances that had been made over the previous 10 or more years, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via YouTube. 2. The vaccine can cause long-term side effects. Dr. Fauci called the odds of long-term side effects “spectacularly low” and that they tend to appear 30 to 45 days after a clinical trial, which is why the FDA institutes a 60-day waiting period. . 3. I don’t need to wear a mask or social distance after I get the vaccine. . Even though the vaccine protected you from getting sick, it didn’t protect you from getting infected … you may not even know you’re infected and be completely asymptomatic and then spread it to somebody else, Dr. Anthony Fauci, via YouTube. 4. It would be easier to achieve herd immunity if we let the virus spread on its own. . With 20 percent of the people [in the USA] infected, we’ve already had 352,000 deaths. To get to 80 [percent], you’d have to have four times as many people. So are you willing to accept 1.2 million deaths in order to get to herd immunity? , Dr. Anthony Fauci, via YouTube. 5. The vaccine will not work against the new COVID-19 variant. Dr. Fauci said that the only thing “functionally different” about the variation is that it spreads more easily. The mutation does not seem to “interfere with the protection that’s afforded by the vaccine.”