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Prince William Looking to Volunteer as a Crisis Counselor

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Prince William Looking to Volunteer as a Crisis Counselor. The British royal is gearing up to offer mental health support over the phone. According to Crisis Text Line CEO Nancy Lublin, William is serious about training. She adds to 'People' that the 37-year-old is trying to fit the work into his busy schedule. "When you’re really busy, and/or really famous, it’s very hard to volunteer." - Nancy Lublin, via 'People'. "What’s nice about this — it’s totally anonymous. He could be the guy at the end of the phone." - Nancy Lublin, via 'People'. Along with wife Kate Middleton, William celebrated the six-month anniversary of Shout this week. The pair helped start the mental help service earlier this year with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Shout, which is open 24/7, has reported 145,000 conversations with those having thoughts of suicide and depression. The service also helps people with anxiety and relationship and isolation issues