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Trump and Biden Will Hold Separate Town Halls After Second Debate Is Canceled

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Trump and Biden Will Hold Separate Town Halls, After Second Debate Is Canceled. The town hall meetings are competing in that both will be televised on Thursday night at the same time, 8 p.m. ET. They are replacing the second presidential debate, which was canceled following President Donald Trump's COVID-19 hospitalization. Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates. According to the director of the NIH, tests indicate "with a high degree of confidence" that the president is "not shedding infectious virus.". For Trump's event, those in attendance will be required to wear masks. The event is set to take place outdoors and in accordance with the guidelines set forth by health officials, also consistent with all government regulations, Hoda Kotb, NBC 'Today' Show, via CNN. Once Trump backed out of the second debate, the Biden campaign moved swiftly to organize the televised town hall meeting