news 4 months ago

How To Safely Spend Time Outside During The Coronavirus

Wochit Postables
As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the US, cities, and states are issuing social distancing and "stay at home" orders. Confusion about what the various terms mean may leave you confused and unsure about what is allowed. Business Insider reports that many people wonder if it's permissible for them to be outside their homes at all. What is allowed depends on the individual and location, but to be safe, go out alone, go to unpopulated areas, and don't congregate. Experts stress that it is vital that people who do not live in the same household stay 6 feet apart from one another. If you see your neighbor or cousin while out walking, don't stop to talk, keep moving and wave from a distance. If you're unable to leave your home for any reason, experts recommend in-home exercises to maintain your health.